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Mobile friendly test - Mobile friendly test tool to give webmasters an analysis if their websites are mobile friendly on the page basis. Now the use of mobile phones on the internet has been tremendously growing the last years it has becoming very important to have responsive web design. Examine your webpage and get instantaneously your mobile friendly test report from this tool. How to test a mobile friendly site? Follow this step-by-step mobile-friendly test for your site.

Mobile friendly test page

Step 1
  1. Visit mobile friendly testing tool > klick link https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly
  2. Enter your URL example:http://tukanglistrikpulaubatam.blogspot.com
  3. Klick Run Test
mobile friendly test
Mobile Friendly Test
Step 2
  1. If your site is mobile-friendly the next step is to submit your site to google
  2. Klick Submit To Google

mobile friendly test submit to google
Mobile friendly test submit to google
mobile friendly test
mobile friendly test page
mobile friendly test submit to google
mobile friendly test site
Responsive Test Toll

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